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We help you in obtaining your Work Visa for Canada Seamlessly

If you have a job in mind and want to work in Canada with Work Visa. We give you the chance to work at one of the best country Canada.

Livecanimmigration is a leading immigration specialist firm. We ensure to confirm your Canada work permit as quickly as possible. The expert immigration consultants at livecanimmgration will manage the entire process of Canada work permit application. We are highly rated for providing the best consultancy service to all our clients.

Canada‘s Work Permit Program

Ambitious immigrants require Work Visa and we assist them and offer em-ployment in Canada. Applicants residing in and outside Canada can also take advantage of our service.

International Workers Outside of Canada

  • The documents required by the Canadian embassy, depends on the coun-try of citizenship
  • We will assist you to arrange the documents as per requirement.
  • Our expert counsellors will help you present and submit the application based on the Canadian guidelines.

International Workers Residing in Canada

  • Before your current work permit expires, you need to extend it.
  • We provide assistance not just extending the work permit, but also in ob-taining approval from Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) and changing employers.
  • We have assisted many clients to gain permanent residency in Canada and also re-entry visa.

Procedure of Work Permit Application

  • You need to apply for Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) if re-quired. The application for LMIA will be submitted by your employer be-fore you are offered the job.
  • The Canadian immigration department also grants Work Visas without LMIA requirements in certain conditions.
  • You can easily apply for a job once you receive the documents with the details of the job offer or contract of employment and an LMIA if re-quired. Job offer is a prerequisite for a Work Permit.
  • We take care of everything from carefully arranging entire paperwork to submitting your application.
  • To gain Canadian Work Permit you must qualify for general eligibility requirements.
  • Your application must include all the documents that prove your eligibili-ty.
  • The immigration officer will go through your complete application pack-age.

Time For the Application Processing

  • If the application is submitted in Canada it takes around 12-16 days for processing.
  • Processing times for application submitted from another country varies accordingly.
  • The immigration officer can approve or reject your application.
  • You can also be called for an interview by the immigration department for further consideration.
  • A formal letter will be sent to you with detailed information regarding the date, time and place of interview.

Our experts will train you to clear the interview successfully. Rejected applications are returned by CIC mentioning the reasons for rejection. In such cases we can help you by filing an appeal.

How we help:

Livecanimmigration offers the best Visa consultancy service and highlight all your ambitious capabilities, but the final verdict is decided by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). Our consultants cooperate with you completely to impress the Canadian immigration department so that your Work Visa is granted-quickly and you get to work at your dream destination. Contact us now for your queries as our mission is your success and we put in our best to make your dream come to true to work in Canada.

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