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Visitor Visa extensions

The Immigration Act (ACT) of Canada defines a visitor under Sec. 2 (1) as a person who is lawfully in Canada or who wishes to come into Canada for temporary purposes and who is not:

  • A holder of a minister’s permit;
  • A Canadian permanent resident or citizen;
  • An immigrant who is admitted into Canada when the examination cannot be finished by the officer at the port of entry.

What is the need of Visitor Visa?

It is a document that allows foreign nationals entry in Canada. The immigration department grants visitor or tourist visa as per the norms mentioned under the Canadian Immigration Act:

  • The department maintains a complete record of all visitors who are permitted in Canada for business purpose, for exploring Canada as a tourist, for developing cultural understanding.
  • Foreigners with any criminal background or carriers of conta-gious health issues are denied entry in Canada.
  • The Temporary Resident Visa issued to visitors does not permit them to work in Canada.
  • It just provides an entry in Canada for a limited time period.
  • It is essential to carefully select the type of immigration to apply for as per the requirement.

Validity of Visitors Visa

  • The duration between the visa issue date and expiry date is known as visa validity.
  • The immigration officer will stamp the passport mention your entry date and the date you are required to leave Canada.
  • Visa allows outsiders to travel in Canada.
  • Visitor Visa validity is for 6 months.

Visa Extension

  • Visa extension allows you to stay longer in Canada.
  • Extension application must be submitted 30 days before the temporary visa expires.
  • Your temporary status will be cancelled and you will not be authorized to stay Canada if your visa ceases its validity.

Implied Status

The applicant of extension visa maintains the temporary resident even if the visa expires and the decision is not rendered by the officers. In such a situation a visitor is considered to have an implied status.

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