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The documents need to be in place while inviting families to Canada, know more

In case you are studying in Canada your friends, parents, children or spouse are most likely to visit you. But if you are already in Canada and one of your family members wants to visit you, they can easily do so with the help of visitor’s visa for up to 6 months.

When applying for visitor’s Visa it is important for the visitor to go through medical examination in advance. At the time of the visitor’s stay in British Virginia Columbia the visitors are not allowed the provincial insurance. If a friend or family member wants to stay for a longer period of time then they have to apply for an extended visa.

How to apply for a temporary resident visa or electronic travel authorization to enter Canada:

An electronic travel authorization or temporary visa can be filed for a friend or family member together with the applicant at the same time. But in case they come later the following things are required for a hassle-free entry in Canada such as your passport copy, the students permit copy and the temporary resident visa copy.

What to do in case you want to extend stay of your family member while in Canada:

A valid and authentic document of the person wishing to extend the stay, needs to be attached to the application of the family members before the temporary visa gets expired.

On entering into Canada it is important to get your passport stamped. In case a visitor has an undated Customs Stamp, they can still stay for six months in Canada.

Do the children also need to apply for students permit while immigrating to Canada:

In case the parents are already in Canada and are working, and have children below19 years going to primary, secondary or pre- school, do not require a student permit.

But minor children coming to visit their parents in Canada from another nation for study or work purpose need to have a student permit. In case a minor child already has an approval or an acceptance letter from the concerned school or university, they will have no problem in staying with the family member.

The parents are asked to provide the last two years of school records of the child, original date of birth certificate, immigration records and official school records of English language, if they wish their children to be with them.

It is to be kept in mind that Canada accepts only translated school records.

If you still have doubts, talk to our consultants directly. They shall explain you in detail.

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