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Spousal Visa

Reunite with your families with Spousal Visa

Spousal Visa

To help people residing in Canada to reunite with their family, government of Canada introduced Family Class Visa. This visa allows the permanent residents and citizens of Canada to sponsor their parents, dependent children and spouse to get permanent residency in Canada itself.

Spousal visa is a sub category of the Family Class immigration stream as discussed above.


to get Spouse Visa, the sponsor and applicant needs to portray their relationship in the following mentioned three categories: –

  • Common-law Partner
  • Spouse
  • Conjugal Partner

It is imperative for both the applicant and the sponsor to get approved by (CIC) Citizenship and Immigration Canada to get the Spouse Visa for Canada.

PS: As we know that Canada recognizes same sex marriage, thus same-sex partners are also eligible to apply for spousal visa but they need to meet for the requirements as stated.

Requirements to be met by the Sponsor

  • Sponsor must be 18 year of age or above.
  • Needs to be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada
  • Should not have been imprisoned, bankrupt or should not have been committed of a serious offence.
  • Within the span of 5 years, the sponsor should not have been sponsored as a spouse in Canada
  • The sponsor should not have been married to someone else at the time of marrying the applicant

Duration of spouse visa?

The duration of spousal visa depends on many factors that include the available funds to support the expenditure of the spouse, background of family and many other factors. Call our specialists to know the details.

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