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Refused Cases

Don’t Lose Heart If Your Canada Visa Is Rejected, we will help you in the best possible way

Rejection of visa applications by an immigration authority has become a gener-al scenario that candidates meet, due to lack of proper visa processes informa-tion.

Such rejections become the cause of stress among visa applicants, leaving them incapable of beating the time limits that are so important for them. A situation where worries and needs overpower candidates.

Well, it’s time you divert your worries and needs to immigration professionals at Incanimmigration. We are here to examine the problem behind your visa rejection and accordingly interpret solutions.

Under our expert guidance the applicants get to discuss and understand the correct process, with some alterations in your resume or application in needed, so as to refill the visa application and get rid of rejections.

Contact us when:

  • You met a rejection in Canada or overseas.
  • You are rejected to Visit or Study in Canada.
  • You consider your rejection an unjust decision.
  • You are rejected of permanent or work permit entry to Canada.
  • Your citizenship is rejected.
  • Your PR Card is rejected.
  • Marriage Sponsorship Case rejection is there.

Contact us because:

  • We have been serving clients for years at the Immigration Appeal Divi-sion, the Immigration Division and the Refugee Protection Division.
  • We are dedicated top-tier immigration firms dealing with visa rejections and litigation at Service Links Canada office.
  • We serve individuals and families dealing with all rejections including family class, TRV, permanent residency cases, citizenship and refugee matters.
  • We assist clients with their affairs of immigration / temporary residence file by obtaining CAPIS/GCMS/FOSS notes from Citizenship and Immigra-tion Canada.

Now understand the course of action after visa application denial in fol-lowing three main points:

1. Appeals:
  • Your worth as an eligible candidate for an appeal depends on the type of your visa rejection. You can also appeal if you and your lawyer believe the rejection as an unfair decision.
  • Through Judicial Review in the Federal Court of Canada you make an ap-peal, in case you want to prove rejection decision as unjust and not as per the law and jurisdiction.
  • Follow the deadline in the above appeal based on your rejection loca-tion: if in Canada, appeal within 15 days and if outside Canada, ap-peal within 60 days.
  • Other type of appeal related to permanent residents and refugees (not visa applicants) are made to the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD). In case your Visa application sponsored by a permanent resident got re-jected, then you may appeal to the IAD.
2. Reconsideration:
  • Request a reconsideration in case of application rejection based on mi-sunderstanding or insufficiency of information.
  • Then in response to the rejection reasons given by decision-maker, ap-plicant will have to submit additional information to clarify.
3. Re-applying:
  • Applicants can re-apply if their present situation has changed since initial application.
  • In the new application, strengthen the reasons of rejection before.

Let visa applications be an easy process by approaching Livecanimmigration to help you achieve what you deserve. We have a team of professional who will thoroughly study your case and help you get visa. Contact us now!

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