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Reasons why Canada is the top favourite of investors leaving behind the United States of America

Since Donald Trump has taken control of all the affairs in the U.S., the country’s policies in certain matters like immigration and other such programs have undergone a huge change.

Among all these changes, one of the biggest and the most significant changes is the one that is brought about in the U.S. immigration program for the investors.

Based upon the latest revelation, the lowest price cap of the program is about to be increased to $1.3 million from its older limit of $500,000, which has remained unchanged since the last 27 years.

This change will be applicable from the end of April 2017. This program is also called as EB-5. Owing to all these upcoming changes, Canada is now becoming the preferred option in the U.S. by the Investor Category Immigration.

With the changing policies regarding immigration, the global investors and entrepreneurs are looking for opportunities for investment in other parts of the world and are migrating there.

Hence, Canada will now possibly come out as the potential player to attract more investors from foreign countries. The country is now emerging with better and bigger opportunities for industrialists and entrepreneurs.

There have been attractive offers for the investors who wish to migrate to Canada with a minimum amount of $115,000 to $300,000. A Canadian province Manitoba has also seen a huge growth of applicants for the country’s immigration program for the investors in October 2017.


  • The country offers about 12 programs in investor immigration with an added advantage of permanent residency for the overseas investors in Canada.
  • Also, the total processing time for the application is reduced.
  • The minimum cap for these programs in the country is much lower than that in the other countries.
  • This means an equal opportunity for middle-class investors to do business in the country.
  • Also, most of the business opportunities that Canada provides are risk-free, and unlike in the U.S, the required capital is much lesser.
  • More so, there is a possibility of a close monitoring by keeping in check all the financial transactions while staying in Canada.
  • This eliminates the chances of frauds or disruptions making them a more attractive option for the investors.

At the End…

Owing to all the above-stated factors, it can be said that with the changing times and policies, Canada has been emerging as a good option for all types of global entrepreneurs, irrespective of their ability to invest.

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