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PR Card Renewal

PR Card Renewal At livecanimmigration

Now that your PR card is about to terminate, you should be on your way to CIC for submitting a PR card renewal application, consisting of information related to your travel outside Canada, your address and business history for a period of five years.

It will help the immigration officer in charge of your application, to examine if you meet the residency obligation or not. Once you clear the requirements session, you must visit a nearby immigration office to avail your card. Get your new card within 180 days from the notice of your letter.

It’s not required anymore to show your old PR card with the application. In fact, as per CIC requirement you should convey your old card to the nearby immigration office at the time you are ready to get your new card.

Renewal Procedure Timeline:

  • PR card renewal process may take a couple of weeks.
  • Considering CIC suggestion, file an application for renewal two months prior expiry.

Eligibility For Renewal:

Those eligible are permanent residents within Canada who would like to apply for-

  • The first (initial) PR Card.
  • An expired or soon to expire PR Card renewal.
  • A missing, stolen or ruined PR Card replacement.

Eligibility For PR Card:

An applicant should –

  • Be a permanent Canadian resident.
  • Have physical presence in Canada.
  • Not be under an order of effective removal.
  • Not be a Canadian citizen or a registered Indian under the Indian Act.
  • Not be convicted of an offense relating to misuse of a Permanent Resident Card.

Documents Needed For Application:

  • Your Permanent Resident Card (if your card has expired) – If it is soon to ex-pire, you can keep it with you and return it to the IRCC (formerly known as CIC) office when you go to collect your new card.
  • A valid passport or travel document copy, also a copy of the time you became a permanent resident.
    Note: Application will be returned in case photocopies are not clear.
  • Your photos, meeting the requirements as per the Photo Specifications Ap-pendix in the guide.
  • Any other identity proofs or documents specified in the Document Checklist.

Renewal Application Process:

  • Fill form IMM 5444 and submit the required documents for replacing the expired or soon to expire card. Missing, stolen, ruined or expired immigration documents issued by the Government of Canada can be replaced.
  • Quickly complete the application as per the step-by-step guidance.
  • Pay the applicable processing fee. Please note that the fee paid to the Gov-ernment of Canada is different from the fee paid to Immigration Direct.
  • Finally, if approved, a PR card is sent to you.

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