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“Wish to Gain Entry into Canada As Soon As Possible Try with Express Entry Facility”

Express Entry is basically an electronic process through which skilled workers are selected on their ability to become a part of Canadian economy. By using this process only the people who are skilled workers can go through the application process of applying to go to Canada.

The process was enforced from 1st Jan. 2015. The purpose of Express Entry is to have application of only the efficient and hardworking people to become perma-nent residents. This system gives a chance to select skilled and qualified candidates as immigrants from various professions, regions and territories.

The old system of processing applications has now been replaced into an Express Entry for permanent residence due to the following reasons:

  • Federal Skilled traders: It means only people who are qualified in specific skills trade are eligible for selection.
  • Federal Skilled Workers: It means people who are able and can contribute to the growth of Canadian economy are eligible for selection.
  • Canadian Experience Class: It provides a pathway to the temporary employees and students to become permanent Canadian residents.
  • Provincial Nominee Program: In case of a shortage of labour in the economy, this program helps to fill this shortage by placing the selected applicants from provinces or territories.

Important Information on Express Entry

  1. Canadian employer’s recruit immigrants to fill in the vacancies and help in the growth of economy.
  2. It is must for the employers to register with job banks and job boards, after which suitable and qualified candidate can be selected through the new system of Express Entry.
  3. The government has made a rule to process the permanent residence applicants in six months time.

Various valid job offers through Express Entry:

Although the express entry system has many requirements but for all the employers it is mandatory to offer a job which is supported by Labour Market Impact As-sessment (LMIA) by ESDC.

A few requirements that support positive LMIA for job offers per each class immigrants can be seen as follows:

1. For job offers in federal skilled worker class:
  • The job should be full time and not seasonal or part time.
  • Under the National occupational classification, the job must be either skill type 0 or skill type A/B.
2. For jobs that come under the Federal Skilled Trade class:
  • A fulltime job for a period of one year is an essential requirement.
  • In an eligible occupation, should be a skilled B worker.
  • Two or more employers can make an offer at the same time.
  • The working conditions and wages can be compared and may vary from other employers.
3. For job offers under the Canadian experience class:
  • These jobs offers are the same as the Federal Skilled Worker class.
4. To give a temporary foreign worker a permanent job in Canada:
  • In case you are exempted from LMIA, a new one must be made immediately.
  • If the individual or employee wishes to extend the permanent job offer, there isno need to make new LMIA.

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